A generous individual will always have mercy for the poor and any other individual who suffers from any kind of disability. We should always respect the old and show love and care for the young.

It will help having the progress of our society and nation as a whole at heart instead of just fulfilling our own desires and selfish interests.

Recently, a netizen shared an appreciation post wherein the content was the generosity of a waitress. She was narrating that they are having a dinner at Yellow Cab, inside SM The Block.

This netizen saw an old guy looking for leftover food on the table in front of them. She said that she pretended the she saw nothing up until the old man poured what was left on the pitcher and drank from the used cup.

When the old guy was about to leave, the waitress being said saw him and stopped him to ask. “Sir ano po yon?”. The netizen wasn’t sure about the reply of the old man but the waitress replied again, “Sandali lang po sir bibigyan ko po kayo ng pagkain” and asked him to settle down.

The said waitress went out to give him a clean plate, utensils and a glass of softdrink. The netizen was surprised when the waitress gave the old man not just a set of meal but whole box of pizza.

The old man almost wanted to cry. He ate and kept the leftover in his bag. He waited for the wairess to pass by him to give thanks. He said “Salamat” then left.

But then, another group of men who saw him, they handed a money including the husband of the netizen.

The kindness of people, the generosity and selflessness of others still amazes me. I told my husband, the waitress could have shooed the old guy away but she didn’t.

She didn’t give him a set meal (which was what I expected), and instead gave him her free box of pizza. One whole box.

She treated him like a regular, paying customer, even calling him “Sir.” Commended by the netizen.