Woman who’s 23 year’s old that had been in a failed marriage, married 64-year-old Barangay Captain named Bapa Max Gandalibo in Maguindanao.

Gandalibo already has his first wife. The first wife gave the approval to Venus Usman, the second wife of the Barangay Captain.

Though Venus Usman came from a failed marriage when she was 22, she still decided to give love a second chance after meeting Gandalibo. The elderly man was also married to his wife who had suffered from str0ke and par@lyzati0n.

Gandalibo is allowed to have another wife but only with the permission of his wife following the marriage tradition of Islam.

According to Gabdalibo, he presented many women to his first wife but only Venus has earned her approval. Usman confessed that she had a previous relationship with another man before their wedding but then she chose Gandalibo and decided to break up with her boyfriend. Regardless of the 41-year age gap, the couple still decided to get married.

Though the Islam tradition doesn’t celebrate the Valentine’s Day, the couple chose to get married on that date to accommodate their principal sponsor, second district Rep. Esmael “Toto” Mangudadatu.

Mangudadatu was present at their wedding, also called as “Kalilang”. He even posted some photos from the wedding. He stated that their love for each other proves that love knows no age.

He wrote, “Isa na namang patunay na bulag ang pag-ibig at walang pinipiling edad kapag ito’y kumatok sa puso ninuman.”

“Sa araw mismo ng mga Puso ay pinatunayan ng isang 23 years old na batang babae na si Venus Usman na umibig sa isang 64 years old na lalaki na si Max Gandalibo,” he added.

Mangudadatu was also a principal sponsor in another event “May-December” wedding between Freddie Aguilar and his then 16-year-old wife, Jovie Gatdula Albao on November 21, 2013.

You can watch the video of Bapa Max and Venus’ love story on GMA’s YouTube channel: