About 30 beauty queen aspirants fell and plunged into a pond after the sudden collapse of the bridge on which they were standing.

The beautiful Miss Thailand candidates were performing their pictorials on the second day of the competition in Chiang Mai, Thailand when the ‘hanging bridge’ where they were standing suddenly collapsed.

Aspiring beauty queens are currently being photographed while they are on the bridge. Candidates pose individually when an unexpected incident occurs.

Maybe, the bridge could not handle the weight and number of candidates so it gave up and collapsed which caused the beauty queens to get wet.

Three candidates allegedly sustained minor injuries; one of them had a wound and a bruise on the forehead, the other two had scratches.

They were immediately taken to the hospital to find out if any of them had a fracture or strain on the body. They were later released as well.

Restaurant owner Worapot Chatkanjana, 43, promised to pay the hospital bills of the injured candidates. He gave 500,000 baht or P800,000 pesos for expenses and said he will also clean their clothes.

“I’ll also pay for the other contestants to have their dresses cleaned professionally,” Chatkanjana said.

He said he wondered why the bridge suddenly collapsed which he knew was strong and durable.

“I don’t know why the bridge broke. It is strong, but it just could not handle the weight of the women. In the future, we will make improvements to the bridge to be even stronger ”said Chatkanjana.

The remaining 27 candidates continued the event. The three beauty queens will be back the next day.

According to Dr. Adisorn Suddee, Director of Miss Thailand 2020, the collapse of the hanging bridge was unexpected.

He added that competition is normally held in Bangkok, but they have moved it to Chiang Mai to implement safety and security especially now with Cov1d-19.