Former Matine idol Rico Yan has passed away unfortunate for almost over a decade ago. But RYCB Fans (Rico Yan- Claudine Baretto) tend to revive their memories together.

He was also previously identified as “Corics”, “Ric” and “Mr. Dimple” “Dimple”. Also, he was born as a model, film and TV actor, host, speaker and entrepreneur. His full name was Ricardo Carlos Castro Yan

His fans, family and all of his friends have still remembered his reputation as an artist, son and a good friend to date. It seems the fans of RYCB were very excited to see Rico Yan’s nephew that absolutely looks like him.

Geraldine, mother of his look a like nephew, sister of Rico Yan. A fan shared a photo of his nephew from Facebook group RYCB Forever. The fan indicated that the kid looked like their idol Rico Yan except fo his dimples.

Other fans commented on this:

“Baka sya susunod na rico, tapos ang kalove team nya din anak ni claudine”
“Pinag biyak n bunga clang dalawa ni lodi rico magka mukha clang 2”
“Saw him in Ate Tina’s IG and yes si Ry agad naisip ko when I saw him”
“As in super hawig tlga ky kuya Ry c kuya alfy my dimple din”
“Yes I agree he look exactly like Ry both are gwapapitos. He is the youngest child of Ms. Geraldine”

Most all of the members of the Facebook group agreed with the photographer Nemrac Sogubac Amplap, and many of them were glad because the seemed to be seeing their idol alive again.