In Philippines, domestic helpers or what we call “Kasam- bahay” is the one who performs a variety of household services for an individual or a family, from providing care for children and elderly dependents, to housekeeping, including cleaning and household maintenance.

Other responsibilities may include cooking, laundry and ironing, driving, shopping for food and other household errands.

There are harshly stories we heard about domestic helpers in different countries even in our own. Reportedly, they doesn’t receive proper treatment from their employers.

Nevertheless, there are people who gave their full trust to their kasam- bahays and treat them as a friend or even part of the family.

The 53- year- old Mega Star actress, Sharon Cuneta, she is so much proud to those people who helped her raising her children KC, Frankie, Miel and Miguel. Especially to her household keepers, housemaids or what she called “Yaya”.

In her IG Account, she dropped out names of her housemaids and as to whom they were caring for. She said that Kakie’s Yaya is Irish, she also has her own personal assistant which is Yaya Hanzel and for KC , she have Yaya Vilma and Belle.

The Mega Star received negative comments despite of giving good treatments to her nani. Netizens was bothered because of having her house helpers wear uniforms when out in the public.

The occurance happened when she post a photo of their housemaids and her eldest daughter KC’s assistants in her IG Account with the two of them who were still in their uniforms. They were eating in the restaurant that time.

Also, the netizens find fault for referring them as “Yayas”. Netizens suggested that she should consider changing it into something that might sound better.

She defended that all their Yayas are treated like member of the family. In fact, she’s giving them a chance to travel with them overseas such as US, Bangkok, Paris, Japan and Hong Kong.

Sharon also added that Yaya”is an affectionate term for her and her family. She revealed that they call their Äll around”helpers as “Yaya”even their cooks and laundrywoman. She sometimes called them as Äte”or “Nana”.