Mga Alahas na nagkakahalagang $60,000 nakuha sa loob ng tiyan ng isang babae matapos 0perahan

It is very important to protect one’s valuables. With all of the possible disasters that could occur- fire, flood, burglary- it is vital to keep those items which are difficult to replace somewhere safe.

One very smart security measure is to keep important things in a security safe, whether at home or the office. The protection that a safe can provide is invaluable.

Important documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, house deeds, or business contracts are difficult to replace and keeping such documents in good condition is a very smart thing to do.

A 26- year old woman named Runi Khatun rushed to the hospital who suffered from abdøminal pain and thrown up after every single meal for almost a week.

According to the findings, it satisfied a proof that there was a metal in her belly and when surgeons at Rampurhat Government Medical College and Hospital in the country India. They opened her up and they were so shocked.

The numbers of jewelries inside the lady’s stømach were 69 chains, 80 earrings, 90 coins, 11 nose rings, 8 lockets, 4 keys, a watch dial. 2 silver coins and 5 anklets. Most of them were made of copper and brass but some of the items were gold- and weighed up to 1.6kg (3.5 lbs).

“The patient looked weak and emaciated at the time when she was admitted to the hospital. Her condition was so critical that she required at least five bottles of bløød. She could not even intake food physically so we had to administer Total Parental Nutrition (TPN) to artificially injéct food through her mouth.” Said the D. Siddhartha Biswas.

They found out that the lady has a disorder called Pica Syndrome wherein they swallow solid objects for no reason.

The mother of the patient said that she already noticed ornaments had already started disappearing from their residence, moreover, she had no idea that her daughter was swalløwing them. Also, her daughter got coins from her brother’s shop. But when she asked her about it, she started to cry.

Source: Daily Mail