Lalaki, bumili ng “romantic bedsheet” upang i-sorpresa ang kanyang nobya ngunit ang kinalabasan ay tila nakakatak0t

After a tiring day, you just want to take time to relax in your own room. We have our own perspectives and preferences when it comes to design.

The comfort you will feel depends on the environment that you will see. You just want to lay down to a soft bed and sleep.

But this kind of scenario way more funny because a man tries to buy a romantic bedsheet to make his personalized room became attractive.

But unfortunately, it just ended up with something that will frightened him. Romantic turned into drastic.

According to the man’s twitter account @JohnDonighue64, said that he bought a new duvet set which was expectedly white with red roses across the bedsheet.

After he just put on tis said bedsheet, he ended up realizing that it looks like there’s a crime done in his bedroom.

The rose pattern was not good at all. It was like splashed blood on bed turned like a murder scenes in movies.

Many people notice it and add some humorous comments,

How about you? Would you feel comfortable and able to relax in this kind of room?

Maybe you’ll just walk away and looks so horrible and disappointed. That’s the perks upon ordering online. May this be a lesson for all.