Sulyapan ang masayang buhay ngayon ni Kristine Hermosa kung saan may apat na anak at hindi kumukupas ang kagandahan

It’s no doubt that Filipino women is one of the top list of most beautiful women in the world.

Many Filipino celebrities are known for their beauty, that includes Kristine Hermosa who undoubtedly has one of the most beautiful face on TV.

The actress had been active in showbiz industry since 2000 until 2010. Countless roles had been played by her as one of the main characters in series and in movies: “Pangako Sa’Yo”, “Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas” and “Dahil May Isang Ikaw” –which became widely known to the public.

Kristine Hermosa was also paired with some of the most attractive actors on Filipino Television.

Recently, the actress posted her photo which includes her mother and her two siblings, Kathleen and Joshua Miguel, which didn’t include her other sibling, Maxine.

Kristine Hermosa has obviously got her beauty from her mother, Maria Alma Hermosa-Orille.

Kristine Hermosa is indeed the carbon copy of her mother because of their mostly same features, from having an angelic face and flawless skin, to their naturally expressive eyes.

One of the actress’ sisters, Kathleen, even got the same beauty which their family have. Their mother’s beauty is the reason why they have such an goddess-like beauty.

Though after many years had passed. Kristine Hermosa just aged like a fine wine. Her beauty is still visible even after becoming a mom.

According to the actress, she got her beauty from her mother and she also aspires to be like her someday.

Kristine Hermosa is now currently not active in showbiz ever since she married her husband, Oyo Boy Sotto. For now, the actress including her kids are being featured in some commercials.

The two couples are now blessed with four kids who are, Ondrea Bliss, Marvic Valentin, Kristian Daniel and Kaleb Hanns. Kristine Hermosa is now focusing at being a hands-on mom and a wife to her family.

It’s not clear yet whether the actress is planning to go back in showbiz but for now, she wanted to focus on being a full-time mom and a wife to her family.

The actress is happy and contented now she’s living her life with her kids and her husband.

Though, one thing for sure, Kristine Hermosa’s beauty will forever remain just as her mother’s beauty who is still as good looking as her daughters. They are truly indeed a fine women.