14-yo na babae nakaramdam ng pananakit ng tyan, nakitaan ng mga bubble pearls ng Milktea na hindi natunaw

Aside from coffee, people nowadays are so addicted to milk or bubble tea. Are you one of them as well?

If so, we have a report wherein you should check out concerning what can cause you when you consume too much bubble or milk tea.

If you visit Taiwan or Hong Kong you can’t help but notice a lot of unique bubble teashops on every corner.

One would think that bubble tea is the natural drink by its popularity. Just like coffee and soda to US, there’s bubble tea for Taiwan or Hong Kong.

Supposedly, in a report from a Chinese news site The Paper there was a young girl who have been brought in Zhejiang Zhuji City People’s Høspital right after she complained about her abdøminål pain and experienced a constipation for several days. The 14-year-old young girl also experienced swelling on her stomach.

Also in the said report, the showed a scan of the girl’s abdøminål area.

In the scan shown, there was an ample small, circular objects can be seen that filled her ørgans from her stomach to her cøløn and her anüs.

Zhang Lou Wei, her physician, asked her what did she consumed; the young girl replied that she taken bubble tea five days ago.

With that being said, her physician suspects that the circular objects from the scan may have been pearls. The doctor rely on the amount seen in the scan, they are pearls that mount up over time due to the regular consumption of the drink. Her doctor prescribe Laxative.


According to the head of the Zhuji City People’s Hospital’s emergency department Yu Ling that tapioca pearls can be really hard to digest. Futhermore, some manufacturer might put in some additive and thickeners to make the pearls chewier. Still, these can be harmful specially to human’s digestive system when consumed immeasurable quantities.

Indeed, anything that exceeds beyond limit particularly in foods, is not good at all. Be healthy and consume foods in proper.

Source: When in Manila