Artikulo UNO launched in July 23, 2020 to impart writers around the world — newcomer and skillful— with a plan of action to share news, informative, and entertaining content. Artikulo UNO is a news collector. We find news from different sources, and our team of writers create their own articles based on these, similar to telling a story in his/her own words.

We cover the top of the line news, constructed opinion from guests, and polish the internet and social media for hot topics that may interest and delight the massive demographics we serve. This includes social news items that may not have been given attention at traditional sites.

Our news site’s purpose is to become a place for readers is to broadcast similar – if not the same – information across a variety of mediums to reach the most people and satisfy their need for information through surveillance

We are engaged in an in-house editorial and mentoring team that provides guidance to inexpert writers-contributors. We believe that this system will produce confidence and gives interest in journalism

Contacting Us

To minimize spam and anonymous messages, please contact us for any inquiries by sending us a private message through our email support@theartikulouno.com